Coursera MOOC on online learning

Hello MOOC Group

You may be interested to know that the University of New South Wales, are running a MOOC entitled Learning to Teach Online starting on 6th July for 6 weeks. Here is the link



Getting started….

Please feel free to suggest a better name for the site or improve the colour scheme/layout etc. This is my first time using WordPress so I am feeling my way too!. I have now added everyone in the group as author but please say if you would care to share admin duties.

I also suggest we use this space to add our reflections/experiences on MOOCing – so maybe that could be your first post?

Happy blogging!

TILT Practice and Scholarship Group: Distance Learning and MOOCs

Hi! this is an informal and open space for the Group members to share ideas, experiences, resources. We could even put minutes and action points here as well as developing projects, research of our own and any agreed outputs.

As a starting point, here’s a recent paper from